【Contemporary art】Painter Yuko Kawada Exhibition at a virtual gallery

サムネイル Artwork

I would be happy if getting to know the artworks and artists will lead you to an encounter with a work of art that is special to you.

I hope to convey to you the joy of decorating your home with contemporary artworks and bringing art into your daily life.

This time, we introduce [VR Exhibition].

The painter Yuko Kawada, whom I introduced before, has been holding a 3D solo exhibition in a virtual space since last month, utilizing a German virtual gallery website called kunstmatrix.

It is a very interesting structure, so why don’t you have a look and experience it for yourself!

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【Contemporary art 】Japanese artist holds VR solo exhibition at a virtual gallery in Germany!

【Contemporary Art】YouTube Recommended Channel “GAKA Radio by Painter Yuko Kawada”

Exhibition information

YUKO KAWADA- Recent Works 2023

The latest works of painter Yuko Kawada in 2023 are on display. The number of works will be updated as needed.
Period: January 1, 2023 – extended as needed with your support
Planning / Creation: Yuko Kawada
Provided by: KUNSTMATRIX

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Exhibition room for large works by painter Yuko Kawada.
A total of 30 works from public facilities, museums, and private collections, as well as works currently for sale, are on display.

Period: June 8, 2023 – extended as needed with your support

Planning / Creation: Yuko Kawada

Provided by: KUNSTMATRIX

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There is also a video of her explaining it herself on YouTube!

For more information, please visit Yuko Kawada’s site.

YUKO KAWADA Official Site

NHK  Eテレ『日曜美術館アートシーン』で川田作品が放送されます。6月9日(日) 午前9:45〜午前10:00内容:横須賀美術館開催中の『驚異の細密展』告知放映内。*地域によって放映時間が異なります。詳細は、NHKホームページでご確認下さい。

How to operate the VR Exhibition

How to view on a PC

Tap the URL ENTER EXHIBITION】 and 【START GUIDED TOUR】 appear under the title.

Tap 【ENTER EXHIBITION Enter the venue.

Tap the work you want to see Go to the front of the work

Tap the title View details such as size, material, etc.

Tap Exit detail view Return to the original screen

If you prefer to see it as you walk, you can control the direction you are heading with the arrow in the lower right corner.

Tap 【START GUIDED TOUR】, and the work will be shown automatically, so you can see it without any operation. You can tap a work in the middle of the tour to see it if you want to see more details. To continue the guide, tap 【三】 in the upper right corner and press Start tour▶︎ to resume.

When you tap a piece of artwork, you will see previous・next・sale in the lower right corner.

Tap previous Go to the front of the previous piece

Tap next Go to the next piece

Tap the work for sale Details and prices are displayed, and those who wish to purchase the work can do so by clicking 【Add to basket】.

Tap List of works in 【三】 in the upper right corner You can see a list of works in color.

How to view on a mobile phone

Tap the URLENTER EXHIBITION】 will appear under the title.

How to ? appears Press the 【×】 sign to enter the exhibition.

Tap the work you want to see → Go to the front of the work

Tap the title View details such as size, material, etc.

Tap 【Exit detail view return to the original screen

You can control the direction with the arrow in the lower right corner, but personally I found it easier to see the work by tapping on it.

When the work is captured in front, ◀︎, ▶︎, and Request✉️ are located in the lower right corner.

Tap ◀︎ Go to the previous piece.

Tap ▶︎ Go to the next piece

Tap Request✉️ You can enter your name and e-mail address. If you are interested in the work and are thinking of purchasing it, you can contact the artist by pressing 【Send message】 at the end.

Well, enjoy the exhibition!

The duration of the exhibition has been extended due to support

The German virtual gallery website [kunstmatrix] is free to view. However, the artists who create the works are paid to use the site.

In order to keep the exhibition going as long as possible, there is a limit to what the artist can do on her own. So she explained the process on YouTube and solicited support.

[Quote from the artist]
“Thanks to your support, I was able to extend the duration of the exhibition by one month each for about three months.
Therefore, I was able to open two more virtual space solo exhibitions this month.”

This virtual gallery website [kunstmatrix] has English, French, and German language capabilities, so you can appeal to the world.

Art activities are also a part of supporting artists. Even if you don’t paint or purchase a painting, it is still meaningful support.

For more information on support, click here↓.


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Thank you for reading to the end.
Have a good encounter with a work!
This was DE art.

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Cooperation: Yuko Kawada

The copyright of the work is owned by the artist. Please refrain from reproducing or reprinting images without permission.

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