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 This is a blog that introduces contemporary artworks that can be hung in your home, in the hope of conveying the joy of incorporating art into your daily life.

I hope that by getting to know the artworks and artists, you will be able to encounter a special piece of art for yourself.

 This time, I would like to introduce the artist Mr. Keiji Kato.

I interviewed him at his home and studio. I got a sense of the source of his works and his way of dealing with life from the conversation we had.

Please take a look at both the first and second parts of the interview.

 At the request of Mr. Kato, his biography and concept are not posted here.

[I don’t want people to see me, just my work.”]

Part 1. From one of a contemporary art studio.No9

【アトリエ|Studio】現代アートのアトリエから No.9| From one of a contemporary art studio. No.9

The world in which we live now appears through the filter of the artist’s thoughts, and we receive the “work” through the filter of you or me, the individual.

It is not necessary to receive the thoughts correctly. The work does not speak for itself, so each person has his or her own way of receiving it.

That is what makes it so exciting.

Part 2. From one of a contemporary art studio.No10

【アトリエ|Studio】現代アートのアトリエから No.10 | From one of a contemporary art studio. No.10

Surrounded by artworks, his daily life and way of life itself are reflected in his works.

“Artists of my generation are basically minimalists. Nothing is more beautiful without anything. I am what’s left after cutting down to the very limit, so that extra piece in the second part is just right.” He said.

The talks in the first and second parts were compiled by me, the creator of the video, after listening to the voice recorder over and over again like a pot cast and thinking, “Oh, I wish I could hear that part again. ”

I hope that the presence of Mr. Kato’s work reaches you.

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Artist:Keiji Kato

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