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In this video, I introduce “Ben Oga Exhibition – Overlapping of Time – “.

Video of the exhibition held from December 18 (Mon) to December 28 (Sun), 2023


【展覧会動画|Exhibition video】オーガベン展 – 時の重なり -|Ben Oga Exhibition- Overlapping of Time –

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The full text of Mr. Oga’s text on the DM that I mentioned in the video is posted below.

The overlap of time

At an exhibition hall noted that
A tall woman approached me
Would you like to have a solo exhibition at my gallery?
I felt as if I were bathed in the bright spring sun.
I felt alone.
I had just been catching my breath in this spacious Kanto Plain.
No matter how good you think your painting is
the viewer’s thoughts are still strong
My paintings have always been at the edge of the gallery
But now my first solo exhibition in Tokyo is to be held
Let’s give it my true spirit
Let’s unify my confused sensibilities
Flightless birds and farewell letters
And my son in a wheelchair
The sky blue of the town where he lives
Living in a corner of Tokyo, away from my hometown
my paintings have completely changed
And now they hang in a gallery.
I’m satisfied.
I could say I did my best.
But the owner’s eyes were not kind.
She said in a puzzled voice
Your paintings have changed.
Yes, it has changed.
This is more my truth than the painting of that day.
By the end of the exhibition
My world had merged with the owner’s heart
My eyes were right.
Thank you.
Time goes on and on
I reached my eighth solo exhibition.

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Venue: ARTo RIDe Art Ride

Dates: May 18 (Sat) – June 2 (Sun)

Hours: 11:00~18:30 

Closed on Mondays

Artist in the gallery and poetry book signing on May 25 (Sat.)

Poetry book “The Universe of the Heart” is now in press.

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