【Art × Creative reading】 Story inspired by a painting


This is a blog that introduces contemporary art works that can be hung in your home.

I would like to share with you the joy of incorporating art into your daily life.

I hope that by looking at the artworks and artists, you will be able to encounter a special piece of art for yourself. 

This time, I would like to introduce a collaboration of art and recitation.

This is a creative recitation by Naoko Goko (vice president of Shonan ART BASE), a recitation artist.

Please enjoy her original stories inspired by a painting.

Recitation (with subtitles)


【Naoko Goko】

Recitation artist.

She reads stories she created based on art works.

As a child, she was not able to express her emotions well. This led to a desire to speak and move, and she entered the world of theater when she was in college. After graduation, she became interested in languages and became a Japanese language teacher. Later, by chance, she became involved in the planning and management of a contemporary art gallery. Currently, she organizes children’s art classes at Shonan Art Base.

She aims to create a place for creation and expression where everyone can truly enjoy each other’s lives.

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This was DE art.

Recitation  : Naoko Goko

Artwork   : “Mirai e Sake” by Ken Asahina

Cooperation : Shonan ART BASE

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