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This video introduces an exhibition by artist Yoshie Tonegawa.

This exhibition has ended.

Yoshie Tonegawa Exhibition – Overflowing Forms

Wednesday, May 18 – Monday, May 30, 2022 

Gallery NEW Shinkuro

ギャラリーNEW新九郎 | 0465.net

Exhibition video

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【展覧会動画|Exhibition video】利根川佳江展|Yoshie Tonegawa Exhibition

For the Exhibition

I majored in oil painting at university, but began creating semi-3-dimensional works using wood while still in school. Since 1995, I have mainly created relief-like sculptures of organic and abstract shapes using Styrofoam, wire mesh with stone clay, paper, wire, and a variety of other materials.

In this exhibition, I will show small two-dimensional works in which I attempted to express myself through color, and three-dimensional works using familiar paper as the main material, such as colored paper, magazines, and newspapers. Paper is an interesting material that is difficult to handle but has a rich texture and can be used for a wide range of expressions.

I value what comes naturally to me from within, and give shape to my work through repeated trial and error.I enjoy creating shapes, especially feeling of vitality, organic shapes, and I never get tired of them.Ideas sometimes develop one after another in my mind as I create, and at such times I feel a world of unlimited possibilities and freedom, which is very exciting.

This time, a new experiment will be added to the exhibition, and I hope it will be an interesting exhibit.

Yoshie Tonegawa


1987    Graduated from Tama Art University, Painting Department, Oil Painting Course

solo exhibition

1996    Gallery SUDOH(Tsukushino)

1998          GALLERY-Shirano(Ginza)

1999          Shonandai Gallery(Shonandai)/ Gallery SUDOH(Ginza)

2000           Klein Blue(Jinbocho)

2001           GALLERY KLAMMER (Meguro)

2003           Shonandai Gallery (Shonandai)

2010     Gallery SUDOH (Odawara)

2012     GALLERY + SHULABO (Hamadayama)

2013           GALLERY Muusai (Monzennakacho)

2014            Klein Blue(Jinbocho)

2015            Gallery SUDOH(Odawara)

2016            Oiso Art House (Oiso) / TATOPANI (Ekoda)

2020            Gallery Hinoki B (Kyobashi)

2022     Gallery NEW Shinkuro (Odawara)

group exhibition

1995            The 1st “Messages from Young Painters”

      [Gallery SUDOH Prize]

2002-2008   WAVE AGE Exhibition, Gallery SUDOH(Ginza)

2005            100 Artists for a Museum(Casoria, Italy)

2006             Art Fair PURO ARTE(Spain)

2010            1000m above sea level exhibition, Tri Angle(Karuizawa)

2012.13        JAPON CONTEMPORANEO(Guadalajara, Spain)

2014             Inside Esquisse Exhibition, Gallery Rutan

       Odawara Art Hotel “My One Room” Exhibition, Hotel Green(Odawara)

2012-2019    Odawara Moa Exhibition, Gallery SUDOH, Yosegi Gallery Tsuyuki(Odawara)

2015.2019     Drawing Show Exhibition, Gallery Hinoki(Tokyo)

2017              SLOVENIJAPONSKA Beyond Boundaries (Slovenia) 

                      Flower Exhibition, GALERIE SOL

2018              INCIDENT ACCIDENT 4 (Poland)

2020             “Ichiro Sudoh and the World’s Smallest Museum Story” Exhibition, Tama Art University Museum(Tokyo)

2021              Odawara Moa 10th Anniversary Archive Exhibition, Odawara Station East Exit Library(Odawara)

2022              “Hyakka for Noriko Sudoh” Exhibition, Ochiai Kan(Kanagawa)

And many others

2011-2017     Participated in the activities of the GENKI Art Power Project for East Japan[GAPPE] (Art activities in Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture, etc.)

2013              Participated in the 2nd Seisho Area Artists in Residence [ARIO](Odawara)

Exhibition information

Hyakka II 2023

Artists: Keiko Ichimori, Maki Kaneko, Ping Zhou, Tamae Takahashi, Yoshie Tonegawa, Ei Matsuda, Yoko Watanabe

Location: Session House Garden

Dates: Tuesday, April 25 – Monday, May 1, 2023

Hours: 12:00 – 18:30 (until 17:00 on the last day)

158 Yaraicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Living with the Artworks

Contemporary art tends to focus on the fads of the moment and works of intense expression, but when it comes to hanging art in my home, I prefer pieces that are calm and light.

Tonegawa’s works are suitable for enjoyment in daily life.

What I think after living with Ms. Tonegawa’s works for a long time.

Its appeal is, first of all, that it never gets boring.

I see them every day, and their calm and light presence feeds my soul.

Second, it can be enjoyed by all genders and age groups.

The entire family, from children to adults, and even my husband, who is not familiar with contemporary art, will find the work comfortable.

When I ask my children which of her works they like best, Ms. Tonegawa’s works are always at the top of the list.

About 10 years after hanging the work in the house, my husband suddenly said, “I think we still need this kind of work.” Even if you don’t understand anything, it doesn’t mean that you don’t feel anything. Perhaps the best part of living with art is that you spend so much time with the artwork that it becomes a part of your life.

When I go to an exhibition, especially a solo show, I enjoy encountering not only calm and light works, but also works that make me feel something sharp and challenging.

Enjoy contemporary artworks in your home or office! 

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