【Video】Yoko Watanabe solo Exhibition “Memory of Water”


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This video is “Yoko Watanabe Solo Exhibition “Memory of Water”.

This exhibition held from February 9 (Thu) to February 19 (Sun), 2023


Venue:Gallery Field

Enjoy the exhibition in video

Thank you for watching the video.

It was an exhibition that made me feel peaceful.

How did you feel?

The way you receive and view it varies from person to person. I hope you will face it from your own perspective.

She has a bit of a gap between her style and her work, which is part of her charm.

She says things clearly and speaks in a brisk manner, making her very pleasant to talk with.

  • Memory of Water(uterus)
  • oil on canvas 2022
  • F0

  • Memory of Water(gate)
  • oil on canvas 2022
  • F0

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【 Artist】Yoko Watanabe

You can see her works.↓ (Some works are not in the exhibition.)

【Artwork 】Yoko Watanabe

Yoko Watanabe HP https://aoiumi-yoko.jimdofree.com/

If you did not see it at the venue this time, I would be glad to hear your comments on how you feel about seeing the work in person at the next opportunity.

Exhibition Information

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This was DE art.

Cooperation : Gallery Field

Artist : Yoko Watanabe

Camera/Edit:DE art

Sound:The snowy day (Reference VLLO)

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