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In this video, I introduce “Shigeko Endo exhibition”.

Video of the exhibition held from October 24 (Tue) to November 4 (Sat), 2023

Venue:Arakawa Gallery

【展覧会動画|Exhibition video】遠藤茂子展 | Shigeko Endo Exhibition

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As reported in the video, the artist uses beeswax in the creation of her works.

She creates a base with acrylic paint on a panel, and then layers waxed Japanese paper on top of the base, ironing it in place until it reaches a comfortable color.

When acrylic paint dissolved in water is applied on top of this, the unevenness and lines accidentally created by the beewax become visible.

When heat is applied to the beewax with an iron, the beewax and the paint move together, changing the appearance of the painting.

Excess lines and shapes are shaved off with a knife. She spends a lot of time in the process of scraping off the excess lines and shapes.

While repeatedly applying and correcting the paint over the top, she sometimes intentionally takes the coincidence of the beeswax and expresses her own unique worldview.

The charm of her works, which she creates while interacting with the materials on the screen, can be directly felt when you stand in front of her works.

Let’s visit the exhibition next time you are in the area.

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1973   Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Practical Art

1983   Solo exhibition at Arai Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo

1984-   Women Artist Association Exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

1985   Solo exhibition at Arai Gallery (Ginza)

1996   Solo Exhibition at Gallery Roa (Hachioji)

1998   Gallery Art Work (Mishima)

2000-05 Solo Exhibition at Gallery SUDOH (Ginza)

2005   Gallery 7°C, Nakameguro, Tokyo

     Triangle, Karuizawa, Japan

2006   Solo Exhibition, Nakago Department Store Art Gallery, Aizuwakamatsu, Japan

      PURO ART Fair, Spain

2007   SLANOJA International Symposium, Noha, Spain

     5 Japanese Artists Exhibition, Espiral Gallery, Spain 

2008   Gallery SUDOH Selection Exhibition, Gallery Bi-Ta, Kyobashi, Tokyo

     Solo Exhibition, Gallery SUDOH, Odawara, Japan

2009   OPINION OF ART, Tsukuba Museum of Art, Ibaraki, Japan

     Solo Exhibition at Gallery Bi-Lata, Kyobashi, Tokyo.

2010~16 Solo Exhibition at Arakawa Gallery, Kyobashi, Tokyo

2010   Solo exhibition at Kaegakura, Aizuwakamatsu, Japan

     Solo Exhibition, Gallery SUDOH Room A, Odawara, Japan

2015-   Exhibition of Fukushima Prefecture Artists’ Association in Tokyo

2016-   New Collection Exhibition, Collection in 2015, Saku City Museum of Modern

2018-   Mahoroba: Blooming in Saku Drawing Exhibition, Gallery Emu (Shinjuku)

2019,21,23 Solo Exhibition, Arakawa Gallery (Kyobashi)

2022 –   Tenjo, Tenka no Onna-tachi Exhibition, Arakawa Gallery (Kyobashi)

Currently, member of Women’s Painters Association

Information will be listed as soon as it becomes available.

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Cooperation:Arakawa Gallery

Artist:Shigeko Endo

Camera/Edit:DE art

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