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This video is “Maki Kaneko Exhibition”.

This exhibition held from June 3 (Sat) to June 25 (Sun), 2023



Enjoy the exhibition on video!

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Gallery Cafe muni is located in Hasuda City, Saitama Prefecture. Take the bus from the station.

Get off the bus, walk through the bamboo grove, and in a corner of a field you will arrive at muni.

What at first glance may seem like an inconvenience may turn out to be a positive thing.

For example, in an area lined with galleries, you can see several exhibitions in one day. (You’ve come all this way, so you get greedy and want to see this one or that one.)

For better or worse, if you can only visit this one place in one day, your concentration on the artwork will change. (I’ve come all this way, so I want to enjoy the works.)

It’s the difference between quantity and quality.

The interior of muni, a renovated warehouse, has an atmosphere not found in a white cube gallery, a warm vessel to receive the world of Kaneko’s works.

There are no people in the city of Kaneko’s works. Perhaps that is what gives it the atmosphere of an archaeological site.

Although there are no people, it feels like a scene from a story, as if each work were a scene from a short story.

How do you feel?

It is difficult to convey the exact colors from the images.

The unique atmosphere created by a work of art is best conveyed when the work is in front of you.

If you are interested, please visit Kaneko’s next exhibition to see the actual work.

I would be happy to hear your comments on how you feel about it.



Title:Itsumo no michi (The usual road)


Material:Oil on canvas


Title:Hiroba (Plaza)


Material:Oil on canvas

Artist’s biography and concept are here.↓

【Artist】  金子牧  Maki Kaneko

Click here to see her works .↓(some works are not shown in this exhibition.)

【Artwork】 金子牧 Maki Kaneko

Exhibition information

Maki Kaneko Solo Exhibition – Get together-

Maki Kaneko -Get together-【Detail】

Venue: 1010 Art Gallery

Dates: September 30 – October 14, 2023 (closed on Wednesdays)

Hours: 11:30-18:30

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Artist:Maki Kaneko

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