【Video】Yuko Sugimoto Exhibition  2022


I am happy if getting to know the artwork and the artist will lead you to an encounter with a special piece of art for you.

I hope to convey to you the joy of decorating your home with contemporary artwork and bringing art into your daily life.

In this video, I introduce you to the exhibition of Yuko Sugimoto.
ーThe exhibition held from September 13 (Tue) to September 18 (Sun), 2022ー

Exhibition Information

Venue: Chuwa Gallery

Enjoy the exhibition in video

Thank you for watching the video.
The random pieces and the exhibit itself was like an installation.

I feel that the impression one gets is slightly different when looking at the works individually or when looking at the venue as a whole.
How does it look to your eyes?

My personal favorite of the works in this exhibition is “Atelier”.

This is the work shown here.
After the exhibition, Ms. Sugimoto told me that it was SOLD OUT. (I knew it.)

She also told me there were many other good things at the exhibition.


If you have not seen the works at the exhibition, I would be very happy if you could comment on your impressions of the works in front of you at the next opportunity.

I have written about Ms. Sugimoto’s work.

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Yuko Sugimoto exhibition is now on view! (2022.9.15)
The Joy of exhibitions (2022.9.15)

Artist Biography

Yuko Sugimoto

Born in Hyogo Japan
1985 Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Major in Oil Painting
1987 Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Oil Painting

Solo Exhibitions
1987-2009 More than 20 times in Osaka, Kobe and Nishinomiya
1997-2009 Gallery SUDOH (Tokyo) more than 10 times
2009 Gallery Corot, Kobe
2009 Chuwa Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
2010 Gallery Shimada, Kobe

2010 Chuwa Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
2011 Gallery SUDOH, Odawara, Japan
2011 Atelier Series, Nishiwaki Okanoyama Art Museum, Hyogo, Japan
2011 Chuwa Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
2012 Chuwa Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
2013 Chuwa Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
2014 Gallery SUDOH, Odawara, Japan
2014 Gallery Shimada, Kobe
2014 Chuwa Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
2016 Gallery Shimada, Kobe
2016 Chuwa Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
2017 Gallery Shimada, Kobe
2017 Chuwa Gallery , Ginza, Tokyo
2018 Gallery Shimada, Kobe
2018 Chuwa Gallery , Ginza, Tokyo
2019 Gallery Shimada ,Kobe
2019 Chuwa Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
2020 Chuwa Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
2021 Chuwa Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo

Group exhibitions
2008 Hyakkaryouran Exhibition ,Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art
2009 OPINION OF ART ,Tsukuba Museum of Art, Ibaraki
2010 Fragment 16 ,Gallery SHIMA, Nishinomiya
2015 Four Women Artists from Collection ,Gallery SHIMADADADO/Kobe
2015 Yuko Sugimoto and Friends id Exhibition, Chuwa Gallery, Tokyo
2015 Artist in Residence in Saisho Area ,Odawara
2017 Artist in Residence, Spain
2018 40 Years by Gallery Shimada Collection ,Kobe
2020 Gallery Shimada Special Program “From the Future Sphere!” ,Kobe
2021 Gallery Shimada Special Exhibition “Epoch Knock” ,Kobe
2021 Chuwa Gallery Special Exhibition “Have a Nice Day! “,Ginza
Many other presentations

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This was DE art.

Cooperation: Chuwa Gallery
Artist:Yuko Sugimoto
Camera/Edit : DE art

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