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In this video, I introduce the Masaaki Ohya exhibition “Correspondances”.

Video of the exhibition held from October 27 (Fri) to November 11 (Sat), 2023


【展覧会動画|Exhibition video 】大矢雅章展 ”Correspondances”| Masaaki Ohya Exhibition ”Correspondances”

Thank you for watching our video.

Every time I see Mr. Ohya’s work, I am drawn in by his fascination with black.

I myself do not make prints, so I am nearly ignorant of the technical details, but I like to look at prints.

The artists’ printmaking techniques are so advanced that it is fun just to ask them how they do it and to think about it.

In addition, prints that are often printed on paper also look different depending on the frame.

If matting is used, the color should match the work, and the width of the frame should be narrow or wide. Framing without a mat to show the entirety of the paper is also beautiful. There is also a way to put it on a panel and not frame it, so there are many possible patterns to match the work.

In Mr. Oya’s exhibition this time, simple wood-grain frames are used to enhance the works while showing them in a variety of ways.

I believe that all the frames could have been matched to create a sense of unity as an exhibition. However, I personally appreciated the various frames used in this exhibition because it made it easier to envision the works hanging in a room.

Please try watching the video while imagining the works shown in the exhibition in your own entrance, living room, bedroom, etc., so that you can see the works more familiar to you!

Masaaki Ohya is a Japanese artist who specializes in print making. He has held many solo exhibitions in Japan and Europe. He has taken part in international exhibitions and won the high praise of many art critics. He is currently working on new projects such as workshops, new print exhibitions and solo exhibition object works. He also teaches new intaglio techniques and is currently researching new ideas for his works.

Artist Biography

1972   Born in Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan.
1998   Graduated from Gaduate School of Tama Art University, Tokyo. (M.F.A)
2002 – 2003 Taught by Mitsuo Kano on the Internship Program for Rising Artists run by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs.
2007   Visited San Paulo as a Group Study Exchange Program Member of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.
2008 – 2009 Won a residency in Paris under the Japanese Government’s Overseas Study Program for Artists.
2016   Graduated from Doctoral Degree Course, Graduate School of Tama Art University (Ph.D)

Tama Art University Associate Professor / Member of The Japan Print Association / Member of Artist Association / Member of The Japan Society of Printmaking

Solo Exhibition 

1998   Gallery Space M Gumma Japan ’01/’03/’05/’07/’09/’11/’13/’16/’18
1999   Gallery SUDOH Kanagawa Japan ’11
2001 Shonandai Gallery Tokyo ’03/’06/’10/’12/’14/’16/’17
2002   The Yoseido Gallery Tokyo ’04/’06/’08/’10/’11/’13/’16
2014   Theca Gallery Milano/Italy ’16
2019   s+arts Tokyo ’23
2020   Gallery Seibundo Japan
2023   Galerie VIVANT Japan

Group Exhibition 

2001    35th Contemporary Art Selected Exhibition Imabari City Kono Museum Japan
2003    The History of an Office Worker’s Art Collection – The location of postwar Japanese Art – Fukui Fine Art Museum Japan
2005    Current of the Contemporary prints Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts Japan
2010    Plate・Print Japanese Printmaking in Focus Taiwan National Museum Taichung/Taiwan
            Tribuna Garapics 2010 International Graphic Art Exhibition Museum of Art Cluj-Napoca Cluj / Romania
2011    “50” Contemporary Japanese Prints The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art Haifa / ISRAEL
2013    25×25 : Contemporary Japanese & Australian Printmaking Japan Foundation Gallery Sydney / Australia
2015    “AuRevoir” Theca Gallery Milano / Italy
2016     Japan-China Contemporary Print Exchanges Exhibition – 2016     Shenzhen Exhibition “Chinese Printmuseum / China
            Vie du Pacifique II Pacific Perimeter Print Exchange / Australia
2017    Tokyo International Mini Print Triennial in Sapporo 
            61st CWAJ Print Show Contemporary Japanese Prints Tokyo
            Contemporary Japanese Printmaking Art 50 Artists Gliptoteka Museum Zagreb / Croatia
2020 Bird’s Eye View / Arad Art Museum Complex / Romania 
2021   Ulsan Asian Prints Exhibition / Ulsan Culture & Arts Center / Koria / ‘2022
2023   Five Art University Printmaking Faculty Exhibition: Experimental / Tamashin Art Museum / Tokyo


1997   The First Mini-Print Biennial Cluj-1997 [Grand Prix] National Museum of Art Cluj Cluj / Romania
2001   The 69th Exhibition of Japan Print Association [Grand Prix] Tokyo Metroporitan Art Museum
2003   The 11th International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibition, R.O.C [Bronze Medal Award] Taiwan National Museum Taichung / Taiwan ’08 [ Silver CCA Award ]
2003   12th International Print Biennial Varna [The Jury Award] Graphic Art Gallery Varna Varna / Bulgaria ’07 [ Three Equal Awards ] ’17[ Equal Awards ]
2009   IX Graphic Art Biennial Dry Point Uzice 2009 [Gold Point Award] City Gallery of Uzice Uzice / Serbia
2014   Premio Combat Prize2014 [Graphics Award] Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori    Livorno / Italy
2015   Graver Maintenant Le Mois de l’Estampe à Rueil-Malmaison [The Prix Moret ]  L’Ermitage Rueil-Malmaison / France 

Museum Collection

Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts Tokyo / Japan
Tama Art University Museum Tokyo / Japan
Hamamatsu Municipal Museum of Art Shizuoka / Japan
Sakima Art Museum Okinawa / Japan
Kanuma Municipal Art Museum of Kawakami Sumio / Japan
The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art / Israel
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts /  R.O.C
National Museum of Art Cluj / Romania
The Bronx Museum of the Arts:  Donated by Mr Basil Alkazzi
The National Museum in Gdansk, Poland:  Donated by Mr Basil Alkazzi
Mark Rothko Museum, Latvia :  Donated by Mr Basil Alkazzi


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Artist:Masaaki Ohya

Camera/Edit:DE art

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