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This is a blog that introduces contemporary artworks that can be hung in your home, in the hope of conveying the joy of incorporating art into your daily life.

I would be happy if you could encounter a special work of art by getting to know the artwork and the artist.

In this article, I will provide some background on the purchase of the artwork and how it was purchased.

Artist:Yuko Kawada


Yuko Kawada began presenting her work in 1995, moved her studio to Nagano City in 2012, and has lived in Karuizawa since 2017. She creates artworks and distributes newsletters & YouTube while listening to birdsong. She is currently developing activities that do not stop at conventional frameworks, while seeking a new way of being an artist in a new era.


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I saw her work when I was working at the gallery, and I am very interested in her current activities and watch her YouTube feeds on a regular basis. I looked forward to seeing her new works on the website in hopes of hanging them in my home someday.

The newsletter is a free monthly email newsletter service that Ms. Kawada sends out. I have been reading it since 2022.

The contents include new works of the month with episodes, autobiographies, and notices of video distribution. When I am looking forward to seeing a new work of art, I tap the detailed URL and it leads to the site where the work is for sale. The size, materials, and price of the work are described, and you can also take a closer look at the work itself.

I believe that incorporating art into one’s life begins with hanging a work of art in one’s room and viewing it daily in one’s life. There is a spiritual impact that comes from the awareness, reflection, and the state of being able to see the artwork even if you don’t look at it.

For me, this is the true joy of living with works of art that I love.

As a mother of three children, I do not have a lot of money to spare financially. I was thinking that I would like to buy a print first because prints are relatively inexpensive, and I sometimes looked at the images and prices on the websites where I buy artwork.

I learned in the newsletter that they were having a New Year’s Eve sale. (At the same time, we held a sale for 1000 YouTube subscribers only for newsletter readers.)

However, I was conflicted. I could manage the funds to buy the artworks by saving and managing my finances, but as someone who knows the current situation of the artists, I wondered if it was right or wrong to buy them at the reduced prices.

Ms. Kawada also writes.

As for the sale of artwork, new customers who are not familiar with our work are beginning to expand our customer base. I am not sure if the people who have purchased many of my works in the past will buy any more, but the majority of them collect more than a few pieces and bring them with them, which is very encouraging. This year, due to my move, I have decided to have frequent discount sales. I am not sure if this is a good thing or not, but what I am doing is not at all like selling products for profit in a capitalist society; it is a social cultural activity, so I need to devise sales methods and prices so that people will become more familiar with my artistic activities rather than profit-motivated. This is a new way of presenting my work, which is different from the conventional way of doing so through art galleries, and I am eager to create a new way. Thank you for your continued understanding.

Newsletter@No.84, “Painter Yuko Kawada.”

So I decided to purchase oil paintings. Someday has now arrived. I was really attracted to oil paintings.

The first way


To take a closer look at the works, go to VR EXHIBITION 2024 or WORKS on the site.

Please refer to the following for how to use the VR EXHIBITION 2024.

【Contemporary art 】Japanese artist holds VR solo exhibition at a virtual gallery in Germany!

When you open the details of a work you like, you will see this screen.

After placing the piece in your shopping cart, please refer to the following <New Year’s Eve SALE ! How to purchase a piece at 50% off] below.

The second way

Click on “ACTIVITIES” in the HOME section to enter the SHOP, which will take you to the online site of Yuko Kawada, a painter who sells her works.

You can select a piece from the works on sale.

Click on a piece to see its details, place the piece you wish to purchase in your shopping cart, and then click on the “How to Purchase a Piece at 50% Off” link below.

New Year’s Eve SALE ! How to buy artworks at 50% off!

When you enter the online site of Yuko Kawada, the table of contents will have a “New Year’s Gift SALE ! in the table of contents, click on it and you will see the following information.

  1. add the pieces you wish to purchase to your shopping cart.
  2. click the cart icon in the upper right corner of the screen and click “View Shopping Cart” to go to the CART screen.
  3. on the CART screen, enter the code in the “Coupon Code” box below the selected piece and click “Apply Coupon”.
  4. Confirm that the subtotal in your shopping cart is the coupon discount amount.
  5. Proceed to “Proceed to Purchase” and complete the normal purchase procedure (various payment methods are accepted).

*If you have any problems, please contact us using the e-mail form on the same page.

Artist Yuko Kawada, works for sale, from the online site.

After making a purchase, I communicate with the artist, Ms. Kawada, by email, and then wait for the artwork to arrive.

When I opened the careful packaging, I could smell the faint scent of oil paint from the work.

Titled and signed on the reverse.

A brochure was included with the delivery note.

It is wonderful how the colors look different in the morning sun or night light.

Why don’t you all try living close to art?

Thank you for reading to the end.

Have a nice encounter with the artwork!

This was DE Art.

cooperation:YUKO KAWADA

Please refrain from reproducing the works or images without permission.