【Current Report】 Reflection on the past and the future


This is a blog that introduces contemporary art works that can be hung in your home.

I would like to share with you the joy of incorporating art into your daily life.

I hope that by looking at the artworks and artists, you will be able to encounter a special piece of art for yourself. 

Reflection on the past and the future

In this article, I would like to reflect on what I have done so far and tell you a little bit about what I plan to do in the future. Along with that, I hope you will help me recruit on Instagram.

It has been about a year and a half since I opened my blog and made my first post on July 31, 2021.

Of course, in the beginning I had no readers at all.

I had no confidence in my writing to begin with, and even though I had thoughts and feelings, I was groping in the dark as to how to convey them.

However, with the cooperation of the artists, I have been able to develop the site in collaboration with exhibitions and take a number of photographs in their studios.

Now 49 people a day come to see the site on average. (February 20, 2023)

Thank you very much for reading.

It has been less than a year and a half since YouTube first opened to the public on October 16, 2021.

I continue to provide updates on the exhibition and the delivery of the exhibition, in the hope that it will be a good opportunity for people to get to know the artists and their works.

The number of registered users is 56. Thank you very much.

So far, I have made videos about four artists for “From one of a contemporary art studio” One of them is still undisclosed and will be released soon.

Next artist has been selected, so stay tuned!

I go to meet the artists I want to meet and ask them about their works, their productions, and their other art activities, and make videos of them.

I enjoy this project the most because each person has different questions that I want to ask them.

Thank you to all the artists who cooperated in this project.

YouTube is here↓.

身近な現代アート【DEアート】Familiar contemporary art 【DE art】
有名な作家でなくても、いい作品を制作している作家がいるのをご存知でしょうか? 教科書に載るような現代アートではなく、身近な現代アートをご紹介しています。 自分の感覚に正直に「いい作品」を見つけてみてはいかがでしょう! 作家や作品を通して、お気に入りの作品との出会いに繋がると嬉しいです。 アートを暮らしに取り入れ、お...

*I hope to connect people who are interested in art with the artwork!

*I hope you will hang even a single piece of real art in your home!

I started this activity with this in mind, but DE Art does not sell artwork.

I would give them information about the exhibition and invite interested people to come to the gallery, see and experience it for themselves, and if they liked what they saw, they would buy it. I expected such a flow.

The reality, however, is not so easy.

Most people are not familiar with galleries, and it is more uncommon than one might think for people to purchase artwork at galleries.

I would like to continue to devote myself to lowering the barriers to hanging artwork in one’s home by devising ways to convey information and to make people aware of the artwork.

So this year, I am thinking of taking the plunge and communicating with my followers on social media.

I would like to ask those who hang artworks in their homes and incorporate art into their lives what kind of artworks they hang and how they hang them.

If possible, I would like to receive pictures of how they are doing it so that I can share them with my followers.

This will be done using Instagram.

For those who have never hung a work of art, it will be easier to visualize it, and for the artists, it will be encouraging since they do not have many opportunities to see their work displayed.

I would also like to hear from those who have never purchased or hung artwork in their homes about their feelings of resistance or reluctance to get involved.

I am not qualified to do this, I just love art.

I am searching for a system that will lead to a three-way win-win situation: for the artists, the joy of having their works purchased; for the buyer, the joy of living with their favorite works; and for the works, the joy of having the opportunity to be seen by others.

I have yet to come up with a good way to do this. I would appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

name card


I am currently seeking photos of contemporary art pieces hanged on your  house (or businesses).

The purpose of this project is to showcase how art can be integrated into our daily lives through the perspective of those who have art displayed in their homes.

Please include the following information with your submission:

Title of the artwork

Name of the artist

In the past, I have shared various ways to enjoy art through blog posts and videos. However, I have received feedback from individuals who have not yet displayed art in their houses. Some of the comments included:

“I’m not sure which wall or where on the wall to hang the art.”

“I don’t have any available space to hang art.”

“I’m not sure where to buy art or how to buy it.”

“I’m interested in art, but I don’t really understand it.”

When asked if they would like to display art in their houses, some responded with:

“I guess but it looks expensive”

“I think it’s nice to see art displayed, but…”

“My house is too cluttered, so I don’t think I can display art.”

I’d like to bridge the gap between those who are interested in art and the art itself! 

This is the primary motivation for this project. Personally, I enjoy displaying art in my house and I want to share this experience with others.

Upon receiving photos, I will seek permission to publish them. Personal information will be kept private, but if you would like to be tagged or mentioned, please let me know in advance. I also welcome submissions from artists who have their own works hanged on them houses!

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Thank you for reading to the end.
Have a good encounter with a work!
This was DE art.

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