【すどう美術館】館長のひとりごと その51「新年のごあいさつ」







 今回は、すどう美術館 須藤一郎館長の「館長のひとりごと」を掲載します。

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 9月には恒例になりました秦野市のぎゃらりー ぜんでの展覧会で、その作品の多くを使わしていただいております。なお、その創業者のご意向を受けて、10月にはHamee社のオフィス内に33点にのぼる作品の展示も行い、「オフィスの中にアート」というモデルになるようなこともできました。

 もちろん、すどう美術館では引き続きいろいろな活動を行う前提であり、上述のぎゃらりー ぜんでの8回目となる収蔵作品展の開催や3月に行われた小田原駅東口図書館での「第23回小田原もあ展」(小田原在のものづくりの作家とすどう美術館関係のアート作家とのコラボ展)にも関わらせていただくなどしましたし、「すどう美術館」の名を背負ってですが、私個人としてもかなりのギャラリー回りや団体展の来賓としてご招待をいただくなどさせていただきました。

 さて、新しい年ですが4月には今回、小田原三の丸ホールで行われる第24回小田原もあ展(This is the Odawara MOA!)に引き続き関わらせていただいていますし、9月にはぎゃらりー ぜんでの9回目となる収蔵作品展が決定しております。さらに「企画 すどう美術館」(仮称)として6月から関心、関係のある作家展をぎゃらりー ぜんで行なっていくことを決め、準備を進めています。

 なお、私が気ままに書き続け、二つのブログに発表のうえ、10話ずつ小冊子にして読んでいただいている「すどう美術館 館長の独り言」が5冊(50話)になりました。もう少し文章を書き足してですがこの「すどう美術館 館長の独り言」を1冊の本にまとめ刊行するのが今年の私の密かな夢です。


2024年 元旦 須藤一郎(すどう美術館 館長)


[ Gallery SUDOH director’s monologue ] Part51 “New Year’s Greeting”

Thank you very much for your thoughts on our artists and their works through this blog last year.

I hope you will continue to support me this year as I continue to introduce wonderful artists and their works to you.

I will continue to do what I can do while thinking of those who are in hardship. I believe in the light that art can bring.

This is a blog that introduces contemporary art works that can be hung in your home.
I would like to share with you the joy of incorporating art into your daily life.

I hope that by looking at the artworks and artists, you will be able to encounter a special piece of art for yourself.

 This time, with the cooperation of Ichiro Sudoh, Director of Gallery SUDOH, I will be posting [ Gallery SUDOH director’s monologue ] .

Happy New Year 2024!

 I would like to thank you all for your support and cooperation during the past year. Thank you very much.

 Last year, Gallery SUDOH had a happy and significant event from January.

The founder of Hamee, a company in Odawara City with a passion for art, personally accepted the donation of the 800 works in the gallery’s collection, and the handover was completed.

 He agreed to allow Gallery SUDOH to continue to exhibit the works on the condition that the works would not be dispersed and would not be kept in storage, which is exactly what I wanted.

In September, many of the artworks were used in the exhibition at Gallery Zen in Hadano, which has become a regular event for the company. In October, we exhibited 33 works of art in the Hamee office, following the wishes of the founder of Hamee, and we were able to create a model of “art in the office”.

 Of course, Gallery SUDOH will continue to be involved in a variety of activities, including the 8th exhibition of collected works at Gallery ZEN mentioned above and the “23rd Odawara Moa Exhibition” (a collaborative exhibition of Odawara-based crafts artists and Gallery SUDOH-related artists) held in March at the Odawara Station East Exit Library. I have also been invited as a guest of honor to many gallery tours and group exhibitions.

 In April, we will continue to be involved in the 24th Odawara MOA Exhibition (This is the Odawara MOA!) to be held at Odawara San-no-maru Hall, and in September, the 9th exhibition of works from our collection will be held at Gallery Zen. In addition, we have decided to start “Gallery SUDOH” (tentative name) in June, and are preparing to hold exhibitions of artists we are interested in and related to at Gallery ZEN.

 The “Gallery SUDOH director’s monologue” that I have been writing at my leisure, publishing on two blogs, and having 10 stories read in a booklet each, has now been published in five volumes (50 stories). It is my secret dream this year to compile these “Gallery SUDOH director’s monologue” into a book with a few more sentences to be written and published.

Thank you very much for your continued support this year.

New Year’s Day, 2024 Ichiro Sudoh(Director of Gallery SUDOH)

Cooperation: Gallery SUDOH

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