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In this video, I introduce “Keiko Ichimori Exhibition “.

ーVideo of the exhibition held from February 5 (Mon) to February 10 (Sat), 2024ー

Venue: Ginza K’s Gallery

【展覧会動画|Exhibition video】一森京子展|Keiko Ichimori Exhibition】

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The artist Ichimori has been working with diatomaceous earth and gesso for about 5 years, using a technique of thin layers of acrylic paints for the base layer.

She told me that these materials enable her to create something close to the image she wants to express now in terms of expressing colors.

In her solo exhibition in 2022, her works that seemed to dive into the inner world were impressive.

In this exhibition, I felt that her works, which made me feel as if I were enveloped in the inner world she expresses, created the atmosphere of the entire venue.

Due to the limitations of images, the color of each work differs slightly.

Images cannot fully convey the impression you get when you see the works in person.

If you have not had the opportunity to see the works at the exhibition, we recommend that you do so when you have the chance.

Title : Sleep of plants and trees

Size : 0 F

Material : acrylic

Title : Inner World

Size : 6 S

Material : acrylic

Her larger pieces are wonderful to hang in a foyer or apartment entrance.

Her smaller pieces create a serene atmosphere in a study or bedroom.

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